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Black Clash giveaway making the community smile – Tauranga City Council

When large events support economic and social initiatives, the whole community benefits, which is definitely the case with the Hot Spring Spas T20 Black Clash in association with Wolfbrook.

The event, taking place at Bay Oval on Sautrday, 20 January and organised by Duco with support from Tauranga City Council, donated 20 tickets to several not-for-profit organisations in Tauranga.

The ticket recipients are from programs Big Buddy, Blue Light, and the International Day of Disability event delivered by Tauranga City Council.

Nelita Byrne, Manager of Venues & Events, Tauranga City Council, shared, “We are immensely proud to support organisations who share our values and actively contribute to making our community more accessible for all.”

“While this initiative is seemingly small, the impact on the community can be significant and emphasises the transformative power of inclusivity, allowing our community to engage in the excitement of events they might not have access to otherwise,” says Byrne.

Ticket winners from the International Day of Disability, hosted by Tauranga City Council, were thrilled and the smiles on their faces as they collected their tickets at the event said it all.

“It was so amazing, I was so proud to win the tickets,” said Karleigh-Jayne Jones, “we need Tauranga to be a city for everyone,” she continued.

A lucky ticket recipient from the Big Buddy program, a program designed to provide male role models for boys without dads in their lives, was delighted with the win and the opportunity to take his Little Buddy to the game.

Big Buddy CEO, Jason Judkins, enthused “We can’t thank Duco enough for the tickets they have provided for our Big and Little Buddies to see the cricket and rugby stars at Black Clash.”

“Big Buddies simply spend time with their Little Buddies, boys who don’t have a dad in their life. Spending quality time with them and being a good male role model makes a positive difference to a growing boy. Taking them to events such as this fabulous live sports game will give them a really special day out and will help them make some wonderful memories of their summer together.”

Rod Bell, CEO of Blue Light, echoed that sentiment “We are very thankful for the generosity of Duco for supplying us with tickets to the Black Clash event. These will be passed on to some young people who otherwise may never have the opportunity to go along and experience such an event. This is very much appreciated.”

Byrne strongly advocates for the influence of events like the T20 Black Clash on the community. “We believe in events that extend beyond the sporting arena, creating a lasting impact on the lives of our community members.”

Carlena Limmer from Duco expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to provide these tickets to organisations like Big Buddy and Blue Light, contributing to a more inclusive sporting environment. Sports have the power to unite communities, and we want everyone to experience the joy and camaraderie that come with live events and the beauty of the Black Clash is that it is such an entertaining product that has wide-reaching appeal.”

The Hot Spring Spas T20 Black Clash is a highlight on Tauranga’s event calendar and is a celebration of friendly competition where sporting prowess across the codes.

This event isn’t just about social benefit; the financial figures tell a compelling story.

In 2022, the event sold almost 10,000 tickets, with over half purchased by out-of-town fans, generating over $1,000,000 visitor spend in Tauranga over that weekend – a testament to the event’s economic impact on the local community.

“The money generated in Tauranga over the weekend in 2022 is more than a statistic; it stands as a testament to the economic boost these events bring to our city,” enthuses Byrne.

Adding depth to this is the financial support from Tauranga City Council’s major event fund, supporting events that deliver both economic and community benefits.

Tauranga City Council encourages other entities to follow Duco’s lead and create initiatives that champion accessibility and inclusivity and positively impact the community.



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