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Call to climate action never clearer – join us – Restore Passenger Rail

Supporters of Restore Passenger Rail are taking to the streets of Takapuna, Tāmaki Makaurau this morning. They will be marching slowly from Potters Park, Takapuna, to Climate Change Minister Simon Watts’ office, leaving at 10:30 am and arriving at Minister Watts’ office at 11:45.

Watts will be in Dubai later this week to explain how he is going to reduce New Zealand’s climate-destroying emissions. Meanwhile, back home, his government plans to expand oil exploration. Restore Passenger Rail supporters are far from impressed and will deliver an oil rig on their slow march to his office.

Restore Passenger Rail supporters say the oil rig symbolises what Minister Watts’ government will not be telling the world at COP, such as: “Forget the climate crisis, forget our Pacific brothers and sisters, forget those of us still suffering from the destruction of Cyclone Gabrielle. Bring on the black stuff! Bring on more oil!”

“This government seems determined to boot us back to last century in its first hundred days.” says spokesperson Jonty Coulson.

“Instead of caring for ordinary New Zealanders, it wants to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Landlords and tobacco companies matter more than renters and the lives of young New Zealanders. Super highways for the rich matter more than public transport for all.

“On top of all that, the NACTs want to reverse the ban on deep sea oil drilling. So today we’re delivering them a rig for the world to see.”

The climate-based Restore Passenger Rail campaign began in October 2022 with supporters repeatedly blocking Wellington traffic over 2022 and 2023. The campaign is calling for the restoration of an affordable nationwide passenger rail network and free urban public transport.

“Moving off roads onto rail is a simple way to start reducing transport emissions. We want New Zealanders to be able to live good, congestion-free, lives. That means frequent, reliable, and free local public transport, cycle friendly cities, and extensive quality rail services.”

Says Coulson.

“Instead, at the end of the hottest year ever recorded, we have a new government intent on punishing the poor and accelerating the destruction of our futures. It’s pretty clear that this government is not going to save us from climate breakdown.

“If New Zealanders ever needed a clearer call to action, here it is. Join the resistance. Join Restore Passenger Rail.”


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