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Caltex, BP New Plymouth picketed for Genocide and Ecocide – Climate Justice Taranaki

The Caltex petrol station in New Plymouth was picketed today by locals who are outraged with the companies ongoing ecocide of the planet for oil profits and their complicity in the genocide of Palestinans at the hands of the Israeli government. BP petrol station will be picketed next week for the same reasons.

Members and friends of Climate Justice Taranaki and Palestine Solidarity Taranaki are picketing the petrol stations to raise awareness of the companies complicity in crimes against humanity.

“The action is part of global protests against the Israeli government’s military invasion and occupations of Gaza and other Palestinian lands, as part of a Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) campaign on the invading government. The BDS movement calls on supporters of Palestinian rights worldwide to join climate justice movements in holding companies accountable for fuelling environmental destruction and Israeli apartheid,” said Emily Bailey, spokesperson for Climate Justice Taranaki.

“Caltex (Chevron) and BP have used Israel’s invasion to gain access to oil and gas resources claimed by Israel off the Mediterranean coast, particularly since October 7th when the bombardment of Gaza began. On the 29th October, Israel awarded 12 exploration licenses to six companies, including BP. These companies profit on climate wrecking activities, generate big dollars for Israel, its war chest, regime of apartheid, settler colonialism and military occupation.”

“Caltex and BP are major climate polluters, being fossil fuel producers. Both companies were present as always at the latest UN climate conference (COP 28), lobbying hard to remove any international calls to stop harmful fossil fuel extraction and lessen the climate chaos before us.”

“All fossil fuel companies are complicit in causing the climate change disaster but these two companies are ruthlessly taking the resource from people who are also under military bombardment. The blood of more than 22,000 Palestinian casualties and 57,000 injured Palestinians are on the hands of those fossil fuel company directors. We call on people to boycott BP and Caltex. The ecocide and genocide must stop.”




Photo of the picket can be found here:

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