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Council meeting notification

Acting Mayor Keith Hovell has today called an emergency meeting of the Gore District Council for next Wednesday (8 November).

The purpose of the meeting is to consider a letter from A B Gray and Associates challenging the legitimacy of a Council resolution regarding the planting of crab apple trees in Gore’s Main Street, passed unanimously at a meeting held on Tuesday (31 October).

The emergency meeting has been called under Standing Orders Clause 8.5.

The letter was from Gore lawyer, David Gray, acting on behalf of Peter Woods. Mr Woods presented a petition to the Council last month, which resulted in delaying the planting of the five crab apple trees until business owners and the public were consulted.

However, a resolution was tabled at this week’s Council meeting by Cr Glenys Dickson to amend that resolution. The amendment was to immediately start planting the trees, given the costs already incurred and being incurred daily on this project.

Parks and Recreation Manager Keith McRobie said the Council was acutely aware of the need to restore the parks and Main Street before the Christmas retail rush starts.

“Staff had hoped to resume work on planting the trees today. However, Mr Woods has challenged the Council’s decision on a matter of procedure, which the Council must respect.”

It’s hoped the emergency meeting will resolve any issues.

Mr McRobie said the trees were purchased at the start of the year, and the holes were dug about two months ago.

There have been safety barriers around each site since work stopped. Daily audits of the sites, as required by the traffic management plan issued by Waka Kotahi NZTA, cost up to $300 day. Audits were standard for any work site that was not operational.

Waka Kotahi today instructed the Council to extend the barriers to take up another car park, as it has concerns about the recent publicity and health and safety, Mr McRobie said.

“This means the barriers will occupy three parking spaces instead of two.”

The emergency meeting will be held in the Council chambers, starting at 3:30pm.


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