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Cyclone anniversary story: community workshop to support trauma recovery

For the anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle, a dedicated workshop will take place to support Hawke’s Bay residents who are struggling with mental wellbeing, following the trauma and devastation of last February’s events.

Introducing an innovative tension release technique, known as T.R.E. (for Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises), the workshop will teach a self-help tool that restores balance to the nervous system and can be practiced anywhere to manage stress and tension.

Hosted in the Haumoana Pavilion on Saturday 10 February 2024, this two-hour workshop is led by certified T.R.E. instructor and embodiment coach, Amy Pennington (M.Phil Cert. BioMed), and will teach seven simple exercises to;

  • Assist the body to integrate the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle
  • Improve resilience
  • Naturally reduce stress and anxiety
  • Support sleep, gut health, chronic pain and inflammation

Amy Pennington says: “As our community enters the medium and long term recovery stages following Cyclone Gabrielle, it can be easy to overlook the physical and mental challenges that may be related to stressful upheaval. Our body ‘remembers’ and the time leading up to and around anniversaries can be difficult. Many may feel emotions more intensely than usual, or experience flashbacks. Knowing what to expect and utilising practical tools like T.R.E. can help. I have witnessed incredible results using this particular technique to restore balance to the nervous system.

“My guided workshop is designed to support those in our community who would benefit from a practical way to release stress and tension, including those who may already have been struggling before the cyclone hit.

“The exercises are easily modified to suit all physical abilities, so each participant can be supported to get the most out of it. Attendees will leave with skills that they have learnt once and can use forever.”

To learn more about T.R.E., visit www.traumaprevention.com

To book your place at the upcoming Trauma Release workshop with Amy Pennington, visit www.somatopoeia.com

Cyclone Gabrielle Trauma Release Workshop, Saturday 10 February, 10am – 12pm, at the Haumoana Pavilion, Memorial Park Ave. All welcome, koha entry. Spaces are limited, bookings essential


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