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Debut kids album ‘A bee might bite my nose’

Respected Australasian composer, songwriter and collaborator, Eden Mulholland (Ngāti Porou) has today released his first children’s album, ‘A bee might bite my nose’ – and it’s sure to quickly become a firm favourite!

Funny, kooky and gently melancholic at times, the mix of reimagined and original nursery rhymes are as delightful as the album’s star, Little Bear – who will no doubt develop a fanbase of both little and big hearts. “Little Bear thinks he’ll be embarking on a global tour once this album is out,” says Eden. “His first destination? The local shops to replenish his honey stash.”

The Queensland-based Kiwi says that creating his first-ever children’s album has been a delightful experience. “Sharing each draft with my kids and witnessing their affection for Little Bear has been a gift. They’ve now memorised every song.”

While representing an unexpected creative tangent for Eden, it’s one he has clearly embraced. “It’s quite different from my usual work, which tends to be way more serious. I think these songs are intricately linked to my generally playful perspective on life.”

Unsurprisingly, each song on ‘A bee might bite my nose’ has been skillfully crafted for ultimate sing-along fun for the whole family! “Little Bear wrote all the songs, and is adamant that I had nothing to do with it,” laughs Eden. “He wanted that put in capital letters. But I told him we better not, in case it looked like he was yelling. I played all the instruments and Little Bear sang all the songs.” Written, recorded and mixed at Eden’s studio, ‘A bee might bite my nose’ was mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog Studio.

Also being released, is a very sweet lyric video featuring Little Bear and Bee singing the album’s title track – which means you can too!

Tracklisting – with special bear notes

  • A bee might bite my nose – Little Bear’s version of Old McDonald
  • Four jars of honey – Little Bear says that four is the biggest number in the world – which is good, otherwise this song might have been a LOT longer!
  • The grand old duke of bears – The writers had lots of fun making munching sounds
  • This old bear – Written to This Old Man, it is Little Bear’s sweet ode to honey
  • Ha ha snuffle snout – Little Bear’s version of Baa Baa Black sheep, but all about hugs. Snuffle snout means to snuggle. Little Bear always has snuggles to give
  • Bearynne the bear – About Little Bear’s best friend Bearynne the Bear – who sleeps all the time. In fact, she’s only been awake twice in the last 5 years! We find her asleep in cupboards, on the TV, under the bed, in a hedge and once we found her on the roof. No one sees her move. Her favourite things are Little Bear and sleeping
  • Incey wincey spiderbear – Little Bear’s version of the old classic. Sneeze along to this one!
  • Snuggle buggle wuggle – It’s hard to go to bed sometimes. Bears always do these three things to help them – snuggle (get into bed), buggle (pull the blankets up) and wuggle (wriggle around till you’re comfy)
  • Goodnight sweet bears – This is the first song Little Bear ever wrote and it put him to sleep when he wrote it – ZZZzzzzzzzz
  • Sniffle snuffle little bear – To the melody of Twinkle Little Star, this is a lullaby for all bears before hibernating
  • A little blurb about Little Bear’s good friend, Eden Mulholland


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