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EDS provides options for Climate Adaptation Act

EDS has released a third and final working paper for its Aotearoa New Zealand’s Climate Change Adaptation Act: Building a Durable Future project which is developing recommendations for a new Climate Adaptation Act.

Co-authored by EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart, Benjamin Tombs and Katie Marshall, the working paper sets out options and potential models for reform.

EDS has also released an in-depth case study on coastal adaptation in the Auckland coastal suburb of Maraetai (Ōmana ki Umpuia) which is authored by Sasha Maher.

“The need for new legislation has taken on much more urgency given recent climate-related disasters across the country,” said Ms Peart.

“Our earlier work identified significant gaps in the legal and policy settings for climate adaptation and managed retreat. These gaps are becoming increasingly concerning as climate change starts to bite.

“What we have done, in Working Paper 3, is identify a range of options to fill these gaps. We have also packaged these into two potential models for reform. The first provides a comprehensive nationally-driven approach to managed relocation and the second a more decentralised community-led approach.

“We are hoping these models will generate broader debate on what might be possible and desirable to include in the new Climate Adaptation Act.

“Our work has drawn on a series national and international case studies as well as in-depth interviews with adaptation practitioners on the ground. We have also specifically explored adaptation approaches for Māori.

“We welcome constructive feedback on the working paper which will be incorporated into our final synthesis report due in March next year. This will provide concrete recommendations for the content of new legislation.”

“EDS acknowledges funding support for the project from ASB Bank, Beca, IAG New Zealand, Wellington City Council and Auckland Council.

“Adaptation in the face of growing climate hazards is likely to be one of the greatest future challenges facing this country. It is important we get the policy settings right,” concluded Ms Peart.


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