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Ewes flash – Shearing Recortd update Run 2, lunch

Catherine Mullooly has reached the lunchtime halfway stage with a tall of 233 in quest for the World women’s solo eight-hour eweshearing record at Nukuhakaro Station west of Te Kuiti.

She shearered 116 in the first two hours from 7am-9am and 117 from 9.30am -11.30am, both more than any woman has ever shorn im a two-hour run in a ewe shearing record bid.

Ar current pace she would break the record of 386 with about an hour to spare, but would shear-on as scheduled to 5pm.

Referees panel member Neil Fagan says the sheep average about 60kg in weight – 4-5kg lighter than those shorn by Amy Silcock when she broke the record on Sunday. The sheep are however carrying slightly more wool, and have been described by onlookers as “stroppy”.


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