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Glen Eden Intermediate wins inaugural MoneyTime competition

Room 20 Bravo at Glen Eden Intermediate School in Auckland has beaten 768 other classes in New Zealand to become winners of the inaugural MoneyTime Interclass Financial Literacy competition.

The competition saw classes competing to achieve the highest average score over 31 modules in the MoneyTime program. The competition was keenly contested, with the winning spot changing six times in the final eight weeks.

Neil Edmond, CEO of MoneyTime, was full of praise for the Bravo students.

“They have clearly worked hard to ensure they did well in the end-of-module quizzes,” says Edmond.

“It’s a comprehensive course on the basics of personal finance and the fact that 31 of 32 students in Bravo finished all 31 modules shows just how motivated and enthusiastic they were to succeed.”

Gertrude, a year 8 student from Room 20 Bravo says that she feels one step ahead in preparation for business studies at high school next year.

“MoneyTime gave me skills to help me identify my needs from my wants. It was fun to use digital money to win a real money prize,” says Gertrude.

Prize money for the top four spots was sponsored by the Milford Foundation, which is the cornerstone sponsor of MoneyTime in New Zealand primary schools. The Foundation’s support, along with several other key sponsors, enables the program to be provided free of charge to primary schools throughout New Zealand.

Bryce Marsden, CEO of the Milford Foundation, was delighted with the level of engagement.

“The number of students who actively participated in schools right across New Zealand shows that MoneyTime’s financial literacy program not only teaches valuable life skills but is also engaging and fun. It’s very positive the government wants to make financial literacy compulsory in schools – this could be life-changing for students to be given the skills to make wise financial decisions at an early age.”

MoneyTime’s Edmond says the competition will definitely run again next year, with the goal of introducing kids to things like property and investing, KiwiSaver, and business so that that when they get opportunities to participate in these things as adults, the concepts are familiar to them.

“The program is for year 7 – 10 students and we invite all classes in those year groups to have a go at it in 2024. Most kids are competitive by nature so wrapping a competition around the content makes it fun while they are learning these essential life skills,” concludes Edmond.


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