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Golden Mile Poll 1st November – Nicola Cranfield

A new Curia poll shows only 21% of Wellingtonians want the WCC to sign a contract for the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project before the new Government takes office.

There was consensus among supporters of all parties that it would be unethical for the Council to proceed with signing a contract for the work. 75% of Wellingtonians supported the Council pausing the project for six weeks to negotiate with the new Government.

Nicola Cranfield, part of the Guardians of the Golden Mile, said Wellingtonians were sending a clear message to the Council that they didn’t want the contract signed.

“If Mayor Tory Whanau signs this contract it will be an affront to all Wellingtonians.

“After nightmarish consultation processes, concerns from many retailers, and a commitment from the National Party to repeal LGWM, it’s untenable and underhanded for the Council to proceed with signing the contract at the eleventh hour.

“Even Whanau’s Green Party supporters agree that signing the contract now is too rushed.”

69% of Green voters supported a pause on the project for six weeks, along with 71% of Labour voters.

Wellingtonians were asked whether the Council should be committing to the project, in the context of the Town Hall renovation blowout and growing Council debt.

Only 21% of Wellingtonians surveyed support the Council committing to the project, with 66%



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