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Hawke’s Bay Regional Council consulting on how rates are set

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is encouraging the community to make submissions on its consultation on the principles of how rates are set and who should pay for the services provided.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Chair Hinewai Ormsby says the community has three weeks left to submit. “These changes won’t increase the total rates, fees and charges collected for the region. It’s about how the pie is split, not the size of the pie.”

The council has a responsibility to all its ratepayers to ensure rates are set fairly and regularly reviewed to reflect the dynamic nature of land use change.

“The key principles underpinning the review are clear and fair, simple, consistent and flexible. Through the review, we have managed to reduce the number of individual rate charges from 114 to 48. Of the 48, 23 are unchanged and 25 have been simplified – significantly simplifying rates invoices.”

One of the key changes being consulted on is a move from Land Value (LV) to Capital Value (CV) for the general rate. There are five other key consultation topics related to targeted rates and user charges.

“The impact of the cumulative changes will depend on where you live and what services – for instance, flood protection schemes, passenger transport- are provided in your area. Some properties will have a rates increase and some will have a decrease in rates,” she said.

The consultation is the outcome of a 18-month robust review of the Regional Council’s existing policy, started in April 2022. The intention was to consult in October 2023 but a two-month delay due to Cyclone Gabrielle resulted in this current consultation over December 2023 and January 2024. Given this is a busy time of year, the Regional Council allowed for a longer than usual consultation period of eight weeks.

The consultation closes at 8pm on Sunday, 28 January.

To find out more, read the consultation document and have your say, go to https://www.consultations.nz/hbrc/revenue-and-financing-policy/


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