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Jumping tragedy reinforces safety messages – Water Safety New Zealand

Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ), has issued a statement regarding the recent tragic jumping incident at the Hikitia crane in Wellington harbour, where a young man did not resurface after jumping. This event recalls two prior fatalities from the same crane in 2015 and 1996, both involving young men.

WSNZ Chief Executive, Daniel Gerrard, expresses deep sorrow for the families affected and emphasises the importance of safety and decision making in water-related activities. He notes that these tragedies highlight the risks associated with unauthorised and unsupervised jumping activities. Gerrard underscores WSNZ’s commitment to water safety education and advocacy, especially through events like the Z Manu World Championship, which aim to promote safety in popular water sports.

“The recent tragedy is a heart-wrenching reminder of the critical importance of water safety. Our thoughts are with their friends and whanau during this incredibly sad time. This incident reinforces our resolve at Water Safety New Zealand to educate and advocate for safe practices. Through initiatives like the Z Manu World Championship, we aim to engage directly with enthusiasts, promoting safety in a sport that is not just about skill but also about respecting the water and understanding its risks,” says Gerrard

The statement calls for increased awareness and personal responsibility in all water activities. Gerrard advises against all unauthorised and high-risk activities around water and stresses the need for a culture of safety, smart decision making and respect for the water.

WSNZ extends its condolences to the families and friends of all individuals who have lost their lives in such incidents and remains dedicated to preventing future tragedies through education and awareness.

Be Manu Safe with Water Safety New Zealand

Z Manu World Championship safety messages….

As always peeps the best Manu is a safe Manu, so don’t be that guy.

Only jump when you know the depth of the water below.

Only jump when your cuzzies have swum out of the landing area. Check you’ve got a safe entry and exit point to the water.

All good?

Mean as.

Pop hard.


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