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Keep saving water in Picton and Waikawa – Marlborough District Council

Every drop counts – that’s still the message to Picton and Waikawa residents who are being asked to continue to conserve water.

A total sprinkler ban remains in place for Picton and Waikawa residents as well as no boat washing at launching ramps in the town, no car washing and limits on Council’s irrigation of local parks.

Council’s Operations and Maintenance Engineer Stephen Rooney says the community’s response to the call over the weekend to save water has been positive. “We thank everyone for their efforts and ask everyone to keep it up and do more if they can,” he said.

“The message remains the same – make every drop count. Don’t use sprinklers, take a short shower, turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, don’t wash your car or do any other activity that will draw more water from the supply.”

Due to the restrictions and everyone doing their bit, the demand for water has reduced, Stephen said.

“This means we can allow hand-held hoses to be used to water gardens, but that is the only relaxation of the restrictions we can make at this point in time.”

He said Council’s engineers had been able to re-programme the Essons Valley treatment plant so that it could UV-treat the water. Whilst that was very helpful in the short term, algae will continue to bloom behind the dam if the hot weather continues.

“We are still facing uncertainty until we get significant rainfall. The light rain over the weekend in the Picton area was welcome but has made very little difference to our supply.”

Contrary to claims made by some, water is not being provided to cruise ships when they dock in Picton, Port Marlborough had confirmed.

The restrictions are:

  • A total sprinkler ban
  • No washing of boats at the Picton and Waikawa boat ramps
  • No car washing
  • Limits on irrigation at Endeavour Park
  • Closure of the water fountain on the Picton Foreshore

The restrictions apply to all properties on the Picton and Waikawa supply until further notice.

Last week water stopped flowing over the Essons Valley dam due to low rainfall, high levels of evapotranspiration and high summer demand, so the township has been reliant on the Speeds Road supply and reservoirs at the Elevation and Victoria Domain. Adequate levels must be retained in the reservoirs to cater for power outages at Speeds Road and for firefighting purposes.

For more information go to: www.marlborough.govt.nz/services/utilities/water-supplies/picton-water-supply/2024-pictonwaikawa-water-restrictions


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