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Kerbside collection standards now in effect across NZ – Clutha District Council

From today new kerbside collection standards take effect, meaning that recycling, glass, organics and rubbish will be sorted in the same way right across New Zealand, making it easier for all Kiwis to recycle.

The Ministry for the Environment’s campaign has been introduced to streamline recycling practices, ensuring that all councils across New Zealand accept the same standard set of materials in their household collections. This will help reduce confusion about what can and cannot be recycled at the kerbside and improve the quality and quantity of the materials collected for reprocessing in local and international markets.

Clutha District Council Service Delivery Group Manager Jules Witt says, “Clutha has already adopted the changes to plastic recycling in 2021 meaning, aside from glass and organics, we are already following the national standards so there will be no change to the way Clutha recycles until 2026.”

As the Clutha District was one of the few Councils not currently collecting glass, an exemption was given until 1 January 2027 which allows time to develop the service.

Green waste, glass and liquid paper board (LPB) can all be brought to Mt Cooee Landfill in Balclutha for recycling or reuse. Glass and LPB-based food and beverage cartons can be dropped off for free.

Green waste attracts a per tonne charge which covers the cost of shredding – the resulting mulch can be collected for free for residents to use in their gardens.

You can continue to recycle the following items in your yellow recycling bin:

  • Clean plastic bottles, trays and containers marked with 1, 2 and 5 (♳, ♴ and ♷).
  • Clean aluminium and steel cans
  • Clean paper and flattened cardboard (including flattened pizza boxes that are free of food scraps)

Continue to use your red wheelie bin for soft plastics, coffee cups, drink cartons, all lids, triggers and pumps, plastics 3, 4, 6 or 7 (♵♶♸ or ♹), plastic or foil lined paper and cardboard, and all glass, along with your household and green waste.

Further information around future changes to the kerbside collection service will be available as part of Councils Long Term Plan consultation process commencing on 28 March 2024.

If you have any recycling questions, or you would like help to reduce your waste, head to www.cluthadc.govt.nz/rubbish-and-recycling or contact us at help.desk@cluthadc.govt.nz or on 0800 801 350.


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