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Let’s Get It Sorted: wheelie bins coming – Marlborough District Council

Marlborough’s new kerbside collection service, which has been expanded to include Grovetown, Havelock, Rarangi, Rai Valley, Renwick, Seddon Spring Creek and Tua Marina, will switch from rubbish bags to wheelie bins from 1 July next year.

Two wheelie bins will be delivered to each household – one for household rubbish and one for recycling, except glass. Glass bottles and jars will go into the red crate, which is currently used for recycling in the existing kerbside collection area.

The bins come in three sizes – 80 litre, 140 litre and 240 litre – sizes were chosen by residents during public consultation earlier this year. Those who didn’t respond will receive the standard medium-size 140 litre bin, which is what most people opted for.

Collection days will stay the same for those already on the kerbside collection, with household rubbish collected one week and recycling the next. The recycling bin and crate for glass will be collected on the same day.

The wheelie bins – even the smallest 80L size – have a larger capacity than the existing bags. Residents have until 30 June 2024 to redeem any Council rubbish bag vouchers and get a rebate.

Council rubbish bags can continue to be used and taken the Waste Sorting Centre without charge but will not be collected from the kerbside from 1 July 2024. Any bag left on the kerbside after 30 June 2024 will not be collected.

The kerbside rubbish collection is funded through a targeted rate and therefore there is no opportunity to opt out of the service. The calculation of the targeted rate includes all costs associated with the service, divided by the number of households within the service area. This ensures that all households within that area pay the same amount.

The new collection areas are available to see on the Council’s Smart Maps page at: https://links.marlborough.govt.nz/kerbside

If you have questions about the new system go to the Frequently Asked Questions section under â€Recycling and Waste’ on our website at: www.marlborough.govt.nz/services/recycling-and-waste/changes-to-waste-services-from-1-july-2024/faqs-proposed-kerbside-rubbish-and-recycling-collection or phone Council on Ph 03 520 7400.

Waste Management NZ Ltd was awarded the contract for managing Marlborough’s waste collection service earlier this year.

Image: An awareness campaign – Let’s Get It Sorted – will support the wheelie bin rollout.


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