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Likely source of substance found on Haumoana beach – Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Following testing of the substance found on the beach at Haumoana on 1 December, the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council believes it is most likely to have come from the Hastings District Council wastewater outfall.

The previous day Hastings District Council contractors were undertaking annual maintenance of the outfall which involves flushing of this structure. This is a consented activity as part of maintaining the Wastewater Treatment Plant and outfall.

The contractors observed solid material discharging on the surface during this procedure. Testing of this substance confirmed the material was consistent with a discharge of animal by-products. The test results align with a discharge from the Hastings District Council Wastewater Treatment Plant.

While this type of discharge is consistent with wastewater treatment plant outfall maintenance, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council will be working with Hastings District Council to better manage maintenance work in the future to minimise the risk of future events.

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