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March to End the Genocide, Sat 27 Jan – Justice for Palestine

Wellington is set to witness a significant display of solidarity and demand for action this Saturday, 27 January 2024, as people gather for the “March to End the Genocide.” The march, organised by Justice for Palestine, will call on the New Zealand government to adopt a stronger stance against the ongoing war crimes and acts of genocide perpetrated by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank.

Organisers from Justice for Palestine report a huge surge in public participation at their events, as people watch in horror the harrowing scenes of devastation and loss of life in Gaza and the West Bank.

Event details:

Date: Saturday, 27 January 2024

Time: 2pm

Starting point: Civic Square, Wellington

Destination: Parliament

This demonstration has further relevance as it coincides with the global anticipation of the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) imminent decision regarding emergency or provisional measures against Israel. This decision, which is an interim verdict on the case put forward by South Africa accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, is expected to be announced at 1am on Saturday (NZST).

Reflecting on the march’s importance, Samira Zaiton, co-convenor of Justice for Palestine, said: “This march is a strong message urging the New Zealand government to uphold its commitment to international law and human rights. It’s a display many many different people from our varied communities coming together to say “this must end”. As a nation, we have a moral and legal responsibility to stand firmly against such egregious violations of international law and the continuous devastation and loss of lives.”

The event promises to be a peaceful demonstration of unity, solidarity, and a call for justice.


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