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Mayor announces Council committee reshuffle

Mayor Tory Whanau has announced a minor reshuffle to Wellington City Council committee structures.

The mayor appoints chairs of committees, but any other memberships will go to a vote at the next council meeting on 29th February.

“Council committees are responsible for important decision making and driving our work programme here at Wellington City Council,” says Mayor Tory Whanau.

“As I have previously signaled, it is my intention to review the membership and structures of the committees after over a year in office, and to reflect the resignation of former Councillor Tamatha Paul.

“In addition to the review of committees, I have also made changes to advisory groups and some external committees.

“There has been no adjustment to the broader committee structure, and limited changes to councillor nominations. I have sought to ensure continuity and reduce disruption with these appointments.

“The changes are designed to reflect councilor’s strengths, and to acknowledge where there has been a clear commitment to collaborate and work together towards outcomes for Wellington,” says Mayor Whanau.

Key changes:

  • Councillor Tim Brown appointed as chair of Kōrau Tūāpapa | Environment and Infrastructure Committee
    • Councillor Rebecca Matthews to be nominated as deputy chair
  • Councillor Nīkau Wi Neera appointed as chair of Pītau Pūmanawa | Grants Subcommittee
    • Councillor Nicola Young to be nominated as deputy chair
    • Councillor Rebecca Matthews to leave grants subcommittee
  • Councillor Ray Chung to be nominated to Koata Hātepe | Regulatory Processes Committee
  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews to be nominated to Unaunahi Māhirahira | Audit and Risk Committee
  • Mayor Whanau to replace Councillor Tim Brown as the representative on the Wellington Water Committee
  • Councillor Tony Randle to be nominated as chair of Safe and Sustainable Transport Forum, with Councillor Sarah Free nominated as alternate.


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