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New report shows 0800 What’s Up service provides $2 of social value per $1 spent

Barnardos’ 0800 What’s Up phone and online chat service for children and young people has been shown by a new GoodMeasure report from ImpactLab to provide $2 of social value for every dollar spent on it, an excellent outcome for this unique service.

Social value is the estimated social impact in dollar terms that a programme achieves for participants over their lifetime. This impact is measured in both positive benefits, such as increased income, and avoided costs to government.

The estimated lifetime social value 0800 What’s Up generated for participants in dollar terms during the first six-month measurement period was $865,083. When aggregated, the social value for both six-month periods studied was $2 per dollar spent. Barnardos’ Chief Executive Matt Reid said, “The social value calculation helps us understand how a programme or intervention changes lives for the better. We’re delighted with these results, which are higher than for similar services, and the positive impact they demonstrate on the mental wellbeing of tamariki and rangatahi through the 0800 What’s Up service. ImpactLab also told us that the service is professional, best practice, and world class in its support of 11,000 children and young people each year, which we’re incredibly proud of.”

0800 What’s Up provides counselling to children and young people who are facing challenges and need support. This dedicated helpline provides vital assistance by offering a free and confidential space for them to seek help and talk about their concerns, no matter how big or small, enabling them to build resilience, navigate challenges, and improve their wellbeing.

For the three weeks from 20 December 2023 to 9 January 2024, 0800 What’s Up received 755 calls and chats from rangatahi and tamariki. Team Leader Ban Al Gailani said, “We know that this time of year can be particularly hard for children and young people. Relationships with whānau and friends are among the top issues young people contact us about, along with anxiety. However, over chats, more serious issues are raised, which include talking about self-harm or suicidal ideation. We also had a lot of adults calling us concerned about the wellbeing of their tamariki and rangatahi.”

The phone helpline and online chat service is available every day from 11 am to 11 pm for tamariki and rangatahi aged five to 19 years. It is available throughout the summer holidays for children and young people who may be navigating complex whānau or social situations, worrying about returning to school, or who just need to talk.

The full report from ImpactLab on 0800 What’s Up’s social value is available here.


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