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‘NZ needs zero tolerance for anti-semitic behaviour and Palestine/Hamas sympathisers’

“We will not tolerate Palestine/Hamas sympathisers in this great nation of New Zealand. We will not tolerate anti-semitic behaviour in NZ. NZ needs to take a hard line with both. This is not who we are! Hamas are terrorists. They have committed war crimes and NZ needs to state that we will help Israel to hold them to account,” declares Brian Tamaki ahead of the NZ Stands with Israel rally on Parliament’s front lawn today.

“It is shameful to see Members of our Parliament blatantly showing their support for Palestine/Hamas and not for Israel. On Tuesday we witnessed multiple members of the Green Party wearing Palestinian keffiyeh (scarfs) in Parliament and Te Pāti Māori have embarrassingly called for the expulsion of the Israel Ambassador to NZ”.

“The Green Party and Te Pāti Māori are anti-semitic and their actions show they endorse war crimes. They endorse women and girls being raped defying women’s rights. They endorse babies being baked in ovens by Hamas. They endorse kaumatua being kidnapped and abused. The actions of the Green Party & Te Pāti Māori are anti-semitic and they’ve shown they have no humanitarian heart. They endorse the atrocities of 7th October by not supporting Israel as they fight back to ensure these terrorists can never attack innocent Israeli civilians ever again.”

The scale of animal-like rapes and atrocities committed by Hamas during the 7th October terror attack is only just coming to more light through international media. And the brutality makes for painful reading. https://www.newsmax.com/us/hamas-terrorists-rape/2023/12/06/id/1144948/

“There should be no ceasefire until all hostages are released and Hamas no longer controls Gaza” Nigel Woodley strongly states as one of the organisers of today’s rally.

This follows an interview PM Christopher Luxon gave three days ago where he weakly stated “We also want to see steps made towards a ceasefire as well. But for a ceasefire to happen, both parties have to want to participate in a ceasefire.”

“Hamas is a terrorist organisation. You can not negotiate with terrorists. You can not believe any facts and stats Hamas terrorists are pumping out across NZ and the world through media propaganda. Hamas is Palestine. Hamas runs Palestine. The Palestinian people chose and voted in Hamas as their political rulers. You have to remove Hamas in its entirety (political and military wings) before there can be any chance of peace” claims Tamaki.

Today Brian Tamaki will present his petition to Members of Parliament that calls for the entire Hamas & Hezbollah organisations to be declared as terrorist organisations in New Zealand, and for any MPs who support them to be expelled from Parliament.

“It is important NZ declares all wings of Hamas as a terrorist organisation to ensure no one who sympathisers with Hamas is permitted to live in or enter New Zealand. In recent times we’ve pretty much had open borders as we haven’t performed adequate checks on individuals’ criminal records who are entering NZ. At the very least we should be vetting for terrorists. I would love to see an immediate ban on immigrants from Arabic countries until all of this is resolved.”

“Let’s be clear – NZ will not tolerate Hamas members or sympathisers living in New Zealand. This should have been declared long ago by members of our government.”

“It’s shameful that we’ve also only seen Members of Parliament supporting Palestine/Hamas…they need to be immediately expelled from Parliament. Our Jewish community living in NZ is very afraid right now…Israel is who deserves our support”

Tamaki goes on to say “It’s a busy morning as we meet with the Israeli Ambassador at the Israeli Embassy in Wellington, I then have another live interview with Israeli media who are following our actions closely. They are enamoured and moved to tears with the haka our men continue to perform. Israeli media wants to understand more about the origins of the haka and whether it has a warfare history. I will take great pleasure in this interview explaining how the Māori Battalion performed the haka in WWII, as they fought against Germany and the killing of Jews in the Holocaust. The haka is renowned during war times for putting fear in the enemy, especially Jew-killers. Israel is picking up on the spirit of the haka performed by my men.”

The NZ Stands with Israel rally today has been coordinated jointly by Nigel Woodley from Flaxmere Christian Fellowship and Brian Tamaki from Destiny Church, and is supported by many organisations and churches, notably ‘For the Protection of Zion’ and ManUp New Zealand.

The rally ‘NZ Stands with Israel’ will see a crowd beginning to gather at 12.30pm at Parliament, with formalities conducted between 1pm – 2pm, ending in time for the House sitting again.

Formalities include both the NZ & Israel national anthems, a declaration from Brian Tamaki to the new government, the presentation of Brian Tamaki’s petition to Members of Parliament and their response, and a rousing mass haka performed by men, women and children in support of Israel at this time.

The day will conclude with a National Moment of Unity at 1.45pm, with a 5-min prayer led by Pastors from across various church denominations, from the steps of Parliament. They will pray for Peace in the East, that the new government will honour and uphold Judeo-Christian values in this nation, for Unity across New Zealand with people also participating online, if they are unable to be present in person at Parliament.


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