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‘OMODA’s globalisation process strengthens; OMODA E5 gains praise from politicians’

In recent years, the transition to green, low-carbon strategies aimed at achieving carbon neutrality has gradually become a unified action globally in response to climate change. Currently, over 150 countries have set carbon neutrality goals, with many nations and regions proposing comprehensive electrification and zero carbon emission objectives for vehicles. Automobile electrification has become a focal point in this new round of industrial competition. OMODA, born with a global vision, strives to be a frontline force in the global crossover SUV market and fervently promotes brand elevation and synergy with green, sustainable development across various regions. In 2023, OMODA’s journey towards global branding has progressed steadily, with the new energy capabilities of the OMODA E5 receiving continuous recognition and acclaim from senior government officials in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey.

Praised by Politicians Worldwide: Leading the “O” Carbon Era

In April 2023, OMODA hosted a global brand launch event in China. Witnessed by nearly 400 dealers, media representatives, and partners from 67 countries, the company officially unveiled its first new energy model – the OMODA E5. This launch not only showcased OMODA’s latest insights into electrification and intelligence but also enriched the ecological implications of the “O” in its brand name. It outlined a grand vision for green mobility in the “O” (zero) carbon era. This vision, along with OMODA’s global expansion, has been widely recognized and accepted in various regions of the world.

In Southeast Asia, OMODA’s strategic layout in local new energy initiatives has garnered significant attention and support from several governments. In November, the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, and the Vice Governor of Anhui Province, China, Shan Xiangqian, jointly witnessed the rollout of the OMODA E5 and highly praised its new energy technology. In December, the Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry, Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, acknowledged OMODA’s remarkable achievements in Malaysia and its significant contributions to the field of new energy. As a model representative of new energy, the OMODA E5 was also presented to the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry, becoming a new hallmark in the brand’s global expansion strategy.

Europe is a crucial part of the global new energy vehicle market. The 27 European Union member states and other European-like countries have introduced various policies to stimulate the development and application of new energy vehicles. Seizing this opportunity, OMODA has actively positioned itself in the local markets. During his visit to OMODA’s global headquarters in December, the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Fatih KACIR, personally test-drove the OMODA E5 and commended OMODA’s advanced new energy technology and the vehicle’s stylish, futuristic design.

At a time when green travel and sustainable development are major strategies for countries around the world, OMODA’s interactions with high-level government officials in various regions provide deep insights into the developmental needs of regional markets. These interactions not only demonstrate OMODA’s global competitiveness but also inject powerful momentum into the brand’s international market cultivation and localized strategies.

Embarking on a Green Mission: Creating a World-Class New Energy Brand

Reflecting on the successful foray of fuel vehicle brands into the international arena, one finds that the key to successfully penetrating the global market lies in creating differentiated and competitive products. This principle remains a cornerstone in the era of electrification.

OMODA aspires not only to offer cleaner, greener modes of transportation to global users through cutting-edge technology but also to harness its brand potential to forge a better future. By continuously enhancing its self-research capabilities and solidifying its research and development strengths, OMODA consistently fortifies its core competencies in the areas of the tri-electric system, aesthetic expression, and intelligence.

Take the OMODA E5 as an example: the new model is equipped with an environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery, boasting a maximum range of 430 km. In a high-speed charging environment, it can rapidly recharge from 30% to 80% in just 28 minutes. Furthermore, the OMODA E5 introduces the new “Light of Movement” design language. Through the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, it presents a trendsetting aesthetic that transcends reality and captivates the imagination, appealing uniquely to global young consumers. Inside, the OMODA E5 extends its avant-garde aesthetic with a 24.6-inch dual screen, 256-color ambient lighting, and a minimalist gear design. Paired with 17 high-level ADAS functions including blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, and fatigue detection, it offers a futuristic and intelligent driving experience.

In parallel, OMODA actively upholds its green mission globally through various philanthropic initiatives. For instance, in October’s “2023 International User Eco-Cooperation Conference,” OMODA partnered with users from over 30 countries and regions to launch an “Ecological Ride,” advocating for a low-carbon lifestyle. On January 7th, in Malaysia, a “Run for Sustainability” event themed “A New Journey to a New Green Life” is set to take place, expecting participation from over 3,000 individuals. Moreover, OMODA has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), aiming to synergize resources and leverage greater momentum to contribute significantly to global green and sustainable development.

The new energy vehicle sector is viewed as a golden opportunity for emerging brands to overtake the fast lane. However, this opportunity is not for everyone to seize; only brands with a clear development strategy can capitalize on this chance for glory. OMODA is one of them. Positioned at a pivotal juncture in the industry’s shift to electrification, OMODA aligns closely with the green development of markets worldwide. With such immense potential, OMODA is undoubtedly poised to lead the future of intelligent, green mobility.


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