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Police “anywhere, anytime” on roads this summer

Police are urging everyone to take extra care when travelling the roads this holiday season.

In our efforts to encourage good driver behaviour, Police will be maintaining a highly visible presence on major highways throughout the country this summer.

“Expect to see Police patrols anytime, anywhere,” Director of National Road Policing Centre, Superintendent Steve Greally says.

“Our staff will be out on roads, often in locations you least expect us to be.

So please take your time and drive to the conditions.”

The same things are killing people on our roads, Superintendent Greally says.

“Speed, alcohol, drugs, distraction and unrestrained drivers and passengers are still the main causes of death and serious injury.

If you are caught this summer to be breaching any of the behaviours above, you should not expect a warning.”

Police can’t control the actions of every driver 24/7.

We can’t be beside you in the car telling you to slow down, or to put your seatbelt on.

Road safety is something we all have to take a greater responsibility for.

With an expected increase in activity on our roads over the holiday period, our focus remains on these four main behaviours:


Restraints save lives – it’s that simple.

In 2022, two of every five fatalities on our roads were not wearing a seatbelt.

Anyone who chooses not to wear a seatbelt significantly increases their risk of injury or death if they end up in a crash.


Socialising is fun but drinking and driving should not be mixed.

If you’re going to drive, avoid alcohol.

Police will have a particular focus on drink and driving this summer.

The same can be said for anyone who attempts to drive while impaired by drugs.


Drive distraction free.

Put the phone away or pull over.


Be aware of the posted speed limits on your travels.

The speed limit is just that – a limit – not a target. Even a small change in speed makes a big difference to injury severity in a crash – for you and everyone else involved.

As part of our efforts to ensure everyone’s safety on New Zealand roads this summer, we will be taking enforcement action where necessary – there are no exceptions.

Ultimately, drivers have the responsibility to keep their passengers, other road users, and themselves safe this holiday period.

We want to ensure everyone can have a memorable summer for all the right reasons.


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