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‘Police have no idea how many people downloaded $634,000 app’

The Taxpayers’ Union is shocked to discover that the New Zealand police have no idea how many people downloaded their $634,000 ‘Virtual Cop’ app intended for recruiting new police officers.

The costs of the app included $315,000 on concept creation and development, $265,000 on the development of new experiences and $54,000 on gear and hardware.

Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“Despite spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on the app, we have no way of knowing whether or not it was actually worth it.

“With such a significant level of investment, you would think that at least the app would be a high-quality and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, the reviews say otherwise,

“One user stated in a review entitled ‘Boring’ that the app had ‘probably some of the worst graphics I have ever seen, even my potato has better graphics. I like the idea but the game seems really budget. It’s got stupid and boring mini games. Overall it’s a boring and trash game DON’T GET’ – not exactly glowing feedback.

“Many other similar comments express frustration at bugs in the game suggesting it is not well developed and a waste of taxpayer resources. A sense check is needed at the police with the number of overzealous campaigns focusing too much on wasting money and not enough on catching criminals.”


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