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Results from the 2023 Census available from May 2024 – Stats New Zealand

2023 Census data will be published by Stats NZ in a series of key releases from May 2024 through to August 2025. The first data release on 29 May 2024 will include population, dwelling, and Māori descent counts.

“We look forward to achieving the significant milestone of delivering 2023 Census data from May 2024, so its value can be realised in the important decisions that impact every person, iwi, and community in Aotearoa New Zealand,” deputy government statistician and deputy chief executive insights and statistics Rachael Milicich said.

“A current focus is on processing and preparing the 2023 Census data set, which is on track and going well. This involves combining the data collected in census forms with other data sources (such as government ‘admin’ data) to produce the best quality data set possible for census customers.”

Iwi data from the 2023 Census will also be released by the Data Iwi Leaders Group, a sub-group of the National Iwi Chairs Forum, on the Te Whata data platform. The first release on 29 May 2024 will include Māori descent counts, with two further releases of iwi data from the census planned for 2024.

“The 2023 Census is providing a significant opportunity to better deliver for and with Māori, iwi, and hapū. Under our Mana Ōrite Relationship Agreement with the Data Iwi Leaders Group, we have worked together to ensure the release of 2023 Census Māori descent and iwi affiliation data is prioritised for the Te Whata platform,” Milicich said.

Te Whata allows easy access to iwi data and is a platform in which iwi can store and analyse their own data.

“Te Whata is tailored specifically by iwi for iwi, so iwi members, technicians, and leaders can be designers and users of data in a way that supports iwi, hapū, and whānau aspirations,” Data Iwi Leaders Group lead technician Kirikowhai Mikaere said.

Data releases on Te Whata will be one of several improvements to census products and services to better meet the needs of customers and data users across all communities.

“Stats NZ consulted with a range of customers on their information needs, and products and services for the release of 2023 Census data. Key improvements will include iwi Māori data on Te Whata, upgraded table products (using a new data tool that will replace NZ.Stat), and upgrades to popular products such as place and ethnic group summaries,” Milicich said.

2023 Census provides more information on the census data release schedule, products and services, and engagement opportunities to get ready for the release of census data.

Key dates – Stats NZ:

– 29 May 2024 – First release of census usually resident population counts, dwelling counts, and Māori descent counts.

– 3 October 2024 – Individuals and dwellings data release.

– 7 November 2024 – Families, extended families, and households data release.

– Late November 2024 – Place and ethnic group summaries.

– Early December 2024 – ‘Top’ topics tables and geospatial files.

– February to August 2025 – Monthly releases providing insights into our communities and how we are changing over time as a country.

Key dates – iwi data on Te Whata:

– 29 May 2024 – Māori descent count.

– 26 September 2024 – Māori descent and iwi affiliation data – Individuals and dwellings.

– 31 October 2024 – Māori descent and iwi affiliation data – Families, extended families, and households.

2023 Census release schedule will contain more detail in early 2024.

Thank you for taking part in the 2023 Census

Thank you to everyone who took part and made the census count.

Your information is important to understanding our communities and how we are changing as a country.

Census data will be used to make decisions about funding and location of services that impact us all.

Tatau tātou – All of us count.

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