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Ruawai Adaptive Pathway Programme paused for consultation in 2024

A motion moved by Kaipara District Council Mayor Jepson has paused the Ruawai Adaptive Pathways programme until the public has had their say through the next Long Term Plan consultation.

Council agreed with the motion and the Ruawai Adaptative Pathways Programme is now paused, which includes any council expenditure relating to the programme. No further work on the Ruawai Adaptive Pathway programme will be undertaken until Long Term Plan consultation on the general climate resilience programme has been carried out. Formal consultation for the Long Term Plan 2024/2027 is planned to take place in March next year.

At the same November council meeting, a number of presentations from the community were heard on thetopic, both for and against the continuation of the programme.

Kaipara District Council Mayor Craig Jepson acknowledged all those who had spoken, both community members and elected members.

“There’s been a lot of robust debate around this issue today and in our previous meetings. It’s clear that there are many opinions on this topic, so I look forward to formally consulting with the community in 2024.Until that happens, we’ve made the right decision today to pause the work. This also gives us time to carefully consider any new and emerging information into the impacts of climate change.”

View the Council Meeting discussion and decision on the Kaipara District Council YouTube channel (42:28minutes in).


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