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Sick of the bad weather? Try cheering yourself up by eating food that makes you happy

As the endless bad weather never seems to end, everyone is over the rain, and we are in major need of some sunshine. Evidence shows that good food can make you happy and improve your long-term mental health.

So, why not eat yourself into a better mood this festive season; nothing says summer and happiness more than sweet corn. Last year, the supermarkets said that 57 cobs of sweet corn were sold every second and that corn was in the top five items for Christmas.

Major grower, LeaderBrand, knows all about this demand as pre-orders are already going crazy for their famous Gisborne-grown sweet corn.

Richard Burke, CEO of LeaderBrand says that the team this week is just beginning to handpick the first harvest bound for supermarket aisles this Christmas week.

“Sweet corn is such an important part of a Kiwi summer, and after the turbulent year we’ve had everyone needs some sunshine and happiness, and let’s be honest food is such a great source of pleasure, so make sure you grab a bag of corn next week!

“To be honest, we’ve had a crappy year and can’t wait to see the back end of 2023! We’ve been in a war against the weather for the last year and we’re looking forward to a change in weather patterns which will mean good news for all of us. A greater supply of fresh produce is now hitting the fresh aisles meaning better value at the till for customers,” he says.

All the weather predictions for El Nino are promising to bring us more sunshine, heat and wind, and warmer weather into autumn, but so far that hasn’t shown up just yet.

“We’d welcome all the sunshine and dry weather as it makes it a lot easier for us to manage the farm. We can lock in planting and harvesting schedules better in dry weather and our produce schedules are quicker during the warmer months. We have plenty of good irrigation equipment, in fact it’ll make a nice change to actually be able to use the machines this summer!

“Thanks to an amazing August in Gisborne, which was one of the hottest on record, we were able to successfully plant our corn harvest. Even though we’ve had more rain, the days are warmer and cooler nights means that the sweetness has been locked into the crop,” says Richard.

LeaderBrand is one of the largest growers of sweet corn in the country and they trial different varieties of corn each year to ensure that they’re growing the right variant for Gisborne’s climate and Kiwis palette.

“Our corn is all about making sure we have the best tasting, sweet and creamy corn. We know how much Kiwis love their sweet corn so it’s important to us that every cob is packed full of flavour. We hand-pick every cob to ensure we are only delivering the best quality corn.”

Sweet corn is the taste of summer and one of the last true seasonal vegetables available, so make sure you celebrate its arrival and make the most of this delicious veggie this summer season.

“Corn is only around for three months, so make sure you enjoy it while you can. A great tip for checking the freshness of the corn is to look for a cob that has a tight green husk and is rounder and fatter at the ends,” he says.

Carmel Ireland from 5 + A Day encourages Kiwis to buy a rainbow of vegetables and corn is an easy and tasty way to get more colours into your diet.

“Not only does sweet corn taste good, but it’s also great for you too. Corn is packed full of antioxidants and great for healthy vision. It’s also a great source of fibre, rich in folic acid and vitamin C. Plus kids love it so it’s an easy way to add another vegetable into their diet.”

Kiwis can’t get enough of summer produce and sweet corn is consistently one of the most popular vegetables brought every year.

LeaderBrand sweet corn grown in sunny Gisborne will be in your local supermarket from 18th December until the end of March, make the most of the season and grab some today.


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