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The Firewood Company urges strategic planning amidst the Cost-of-Living Crisis

The Firewood Company is issuing a timely reminder about the importance of considering your firewood purchases throughout the warmer months. Plus, why is supporting and buying locally more critical than ever, and was that free firewood a good idea?

“We have seen a reduction in firewood purchase across the district over this winter period,” Tiri Johnsen, Director of The Firewood Company, says. “This could be due to various factors, including the amount of free firewood on offer around the region, including old vines and construction timber, or sadly, it could be a direct cause of the cost-of-living crisis.”

The Firewood Company is urging Marlburians and all New Zealanders to consider stocking up on firewood during the summer months to prevent possible firewood shortages and help locals better budget for the winter months.

“If you are already budgeting for firewood, it’s a good idea to keep this up during the summer months so come winter, you’ll be better prepared,” Tiri says. “It’s no surprise that many costs increase over winter, including fruit and vegetables and power use, so saving that extra money to ensure you can keep your family warm could be a great way to save you money and time during the more costly months in winter.”

It is essential to understand that your local firewood supplier relies on the sale through the winter to purchase new logs during the summertime. Not supporting local operations can lead to shortages in the next burning season.

“Having a shortage in Marlborough and across NZ could see many families going without,” Tiri says. “So we really want to push the importance that if you can budget and stock up over summer, please do; it will have a huge knock-on effect for those families who cannot while also ensuring your local supplier will have enough firewood come winter 2024.”

The Firewood Company also has a warning for those who utilise the ample free wood around New Zealand during winter.

“Some of the grape vines that were on offer in Marlborough during the winter period would have been wet, so it’s vital that those individuals ensure they have their chimneys swept to ensure the fireplace is safe for next winter,” Tiri warns. “It is also important for New

Zealanders to remember that burning treated timber can pose a toxic problem; it is highly recommended that you only burn wood designed for your fireplace for the health of your family and neighbours.”

If you notice any construction sites offering free firewood, it is fundamental to check if the timber is treated and suitable for burning.

“Most times, it is treated and will let off toxic smoke; we really urge New Zealanders to resist free firewood from any construction zones, and always check if the firewood you are sourcing yourself is safe to burn.”

For an example of woods you should never burn take a look here.


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