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‘Transport upgrades critical to Wellington’s future success’

Following the signing of the new government’s coalition agreements last week, the future of major transport and infrastructure projects in Wellington are uncertain. National’s agreements with both ACT and New Zealand First, specifically call for immediate cessation of Let’s Get Wellington Moving works and projects.

The Chamber has consistently called for greater scrutiny of Let’s Get Wellington Moving and improved transparency around its funding and governance arrangements. We need to distinguish between loss in public confidence around a delivery entity, and the continuing need for delivery itself.

The Chamber strongly supports urgent investment in roading infrastructure and public transport improvements in the city – these measures are critical to unlocking economic growth. Modern transport systems will boost economic growth.

A public opinion survey of over 1000 Wellingtonians shows strong support for a new tunnel through Mount Victoria and traffic improvements at the Basin Reserve.

The survey results show 76% support and only 19% oppose a new Mt Victoria tunnel for both private and public transport, and 81% of respondents support separating out east-west and north-south traffic around the Basin Reserve.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce says this shows a strong mandate for the new Government to progress transport and infrastructure projects quickly.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Simon Arcus said: “Infrastructure investment and progress has stalled. A change of government is a time to acknowledge that there are core transport initiatives to pursue and there must be a renewed focus on solving our city’s primary transport and infrastructure needs.”

Mr Arcus went on to say that: “Curia polling indicates strong support for a new tunnel through Mount Victoria, as well as traffic improvements at the Basin Reserve. These projects will bring tangible economic and quality of life benefits and are broadly supported across the political spectrum, with the previous Labour government also supportive of these roading initiatives.”

Mr Arcus added: “Speculation on the fate of Let’s Get Wellington Moving is not the main story here. The new government is clear about its goals for transport and we support these beginning in earnest. LGWM is a $130m repository of data and polling so let’s use the vast information there instead of starting again.”

The Chamber looks forward to working with the new government, and Wellington City Council, to ensure the infrastructure and transport needs of businesses in the city are properly understood and supported.


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