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Unison urges community “keep trees clear of power lines”

Local electricity distributor, Unison Networks (Unison) is asking its communities to keep trees clear of power lines where possible. Trees near power lines can wreak havoc on the local power supply during high winds and storm events, bringing down lines, causing long-duration power outages, safety issues and in some cases causing fire.

Unison General Manager Network and Operations, Gaganpreet Chadha says with the forecasted El Niño weather patterns set to bring more windy, hotter weather to our regions this summer, now is the time to ensure trees on properties are clear of lines.

“Keeping corridors free of vegetation and being mindful of where you plant near power lines can make a significant difference. We recommend homeowners avoid planting near lines altogether if they can. If this isn’t possible it’s important to select the right species for planting. Unison provides guidance on planting near lines at www.unison.co.nz/plantingguide.

“Ensuring a resilient, reliable and safe power supply for our communities is number one for Unison. With extreme weather becoming more frequent it’s important that we work together to prevent unnecessary outages and keep our communities safe around electricity. If you see trees near lines, please contact Unison immediately on 0800 2 UNISON or on our website.

“As we head into the festive season, please be mindful of potential hazards to help ensure a safe summer for all. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year,” said Mr Chadha.

If you notice any vegetation, such as trees, vines, or plants, growing too close to power lines, contact Unison immediately on 0800 2 UNISON (0800 2 86476) or at www.unison.co.nz/treestrimmed. If you have trees on your own property growing into Unison’s power lines, contact Unison immediately to arrange a free inspection and quote for removal. If the tree hasn’t been trimmed before by Unison, it may be eligible to be removed or trimmed for free.

Unison’s team of skilled arborists are certified to work near power lines and will ensure your trees are trimmed with care.


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