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Waitangi Day protest at the Lyttelton Port Company’s backing for genocide in Gaza – PSNA

PSNA was part of a protest in Lyttelton today by 70 people against the Lyttelton Port Company providing port facilities to ZIM Shipping.

ZIM Shipping says their top priority is to bring in whatever the Israeli Ministry of Defence wants – ie arms and ammunition to continue the genocide in Gaza.

ZIM Shipping CEO Eli Glickman pledged that the company’s ships:

“will be directed as a first priority, to transfer cargo from anywhere in the world to Israel according to the requirements of the needs of the Ministry of Defence and the government of Israel”

Meanwhile the International Court of Justice has ruled that there is a plausible case that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people of Gaza.

“We want the Christchurch City Council to direct the Lyttelton Port Company to deny port facilities to ZIM Shipping or any ship contracted to ZIM” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

“Most people in New Zealand want out government and local bodies and private companies to condemn genocide and withdraw our public facilities from supporting it. Lyttelton Port Company belongs to the people of Ōtautahi Christchurch and our City Council must act against it.”

“This is a real and practical step that our elected officials can take to help stop the killing in Gaza.

“Waitangi Day marks a colonial milestone in this country and was the ideal day to link the anti-colonial struggles of indigenous people in Aotearoa New Zealand and Palestine”

At one point a group blocked the main road to the port and the police response was gratuitously violent with pepper spray used on some on the road and a number of people standing on the footpath.

If people are blocking the road in a civil disobedience protest they can expect to be arrested and charged but they should not be assaulted and pepper-sprayed.

Four people were arrested.


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