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Watch out kids: This Santa’s bad! – Restore Passenger Rail

Restore Passenger Rail supporters will be on the move in Tāmaki Makaurau again, this time on a slow march (very slow) beginning at 12 midday at the corner of Great South Road and Cornwall Park Avenue, and they’ve got a guest with them – Santa.

But it’s a Santa Parade with a twist: this Santa is bad, not good.

“What do you wish for your kids this Christmas?” asked Restore Passenger Rail spokesperson Joseph J Fullerton. “Isn’t hope the best thing we can give our kids this Christmas? Hope for a liveable future?”

“This Santa has other ideas. His sack is full of horrid gifts like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and other heat-trapping pollution that will make sure your future is short and full of nasty things like cyclones, droughts, floods, food shortages, and angry adults.

“This Santa bears a passing resemblance to our new Prime Minister, and his little helpers remind us of other people from his coalition government. And where do these gifts come from? Not from your favourite aunt but from the government’s best friends: Fonterra, Todd Energy and the other big corporations profiting from the destruction of your future.”

Yesterday, world renowned climate scientist Johan Rockström, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, told officials at the COP28 summit in Dubai that:

“There is ultimately no other pathway than a full phase out of all fossil fuels.”

That’s the summit where New Zealand’s new government received a ‘fossil of the day’ award for its U-turn on new oil and gas exploration. Climate Action Network said:

“Did New Zealand not read the road signs to COP28??? No U-turns on the way to a healthy planet.”

Don’t despair. There are still good Santas. Tell your mums and dads to join Restore Passenger Rail. Together let’s get on the right track for a better, fairer and more hopeful future.

(PS: Ssh! we have a surprise for you at the end of the march!)


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