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ACT condemns $60,000 poetry award – Todd Stephenson

ACT is condemning Creative NZ’s decision to award $60,000 to so-called poet Tusiata Avia.

“Creative NZ has decided it wasn’t enough to just fund a stage show based on Tusiata Avia’s work – they’ve now handed her a $60,000 personal award for her racist rants,” says ACT Arts, Culture and Heritage spokesman Todd Stephenson.

“The council members who approved this sick, sick decision do a serious disservice to the awards’ other winners who will presumably now have to share a stage with a notorious racist. They need to review their process to ensure that taxpayer money is no longer used to support race-baiting.

“In her recent book, The Savage Coloniser, Avia makes the case for violent, vigilante justice to be dealt out against individuals based on their whiteness. The book is about murdering James Cook, his descendants, and white people like him.

“Tusiata Avia’s so-called poems are hateful diatribes, and while ACT recognises there may be a therapeutic value in allowing her to publish her nastiest thoughts, we don’t think taxpayers should be made complicit in sowing racial division.

“With a new Government looking to make spending cuts at low-value departments, Creative NZ is tempting fate.

“Don’t take it from me, read her poetry yourself. It’s my sincere hope that the media will print this excerpt from The Savage Coloniser in full so that taxpayers can see exactly what kind of racist vitriol they’re funding.”

Hey James,

yeah, you

in the white wig

in that big Endeavour

sailing the blue, blue water

like a big arsehole



I heard someone

shoved a knife

right up

into the gap between

your white ribs

at Kealakekua Bay.

I’m gonna go there

make a big Makahiki luau

cook a white pig

feed it to the dogs


Hey James,

it’s us.

These days

we’re driving round

in SUVs

looking for ya

or white men like you

who might be thieves

or rapists

or kidnappers

or murderers

yeah, or any of your descendants

or any of your incarnations

cos, you know

ay, bitch?

We’re gonna F… YOU UP.

Tonight, James,

it’s me

Lani, Danielle

and a car full of brown girls

we find you

on the corner

of the Justice Precinct.

You’ve got another woman

in a headlock

and I’ve got my father’s

pig-hunting knife

in my fist

and we’re coming to get you

sailing round

in your Resolution

your Friendship

your Discovery

and your f…ing Freelove.

Watch your ribs, James

cos, I’m coming with






who is a god

and Nua‘a

who is king with a knife.

And then



we’re gonna








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