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AJP encourages public education to curb harmful fireworks use

As the government transition looms, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) doubles down on its call for a fireworks ban, highlighting the critical need for protecting both companion animals and wildlife from the adverse effects of fireworks.

Despite numerous petitions, the previous government’s failure to act poses an ongoing threat to animal welfare.

AJP media spokesperson Danette Wereta said that the Party echoes SPCA’s grave concerns about fireworks’ brutal toll on animals’ mental and physical well-being: “The flashes and bangs lead to injuries, disrupted feeding, abandoned young, and severe stress, inflicting untold suffering on wildlife.”

“Companion animals are also vulnerable to the terrifying impact of fireworks causing a range of issues from anxiety to physical harm, and fireworks are not environmentally friendly” said Wereta. “Setting them off releases harmful chemicals into the air such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide, and the fire risk is also to be considered”.

AJP is appealing to the public to boycott fireworks purchases to protect our companion animals, wildlife, and the environment.


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