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‘Brooke already battling the blob just 10 days into new Govt’

Responding to the leaking of information suggesting that Workplace Relations Minister, Brooke van Velden, is having to battle her own officials to deliver on the manifesto pledge of scrapping Fair Pay Agreements, Taxpayers’ Union Policy Adviser, James Ross, said:

“Ministers are elected representatives with a democratic mandate, and the role of officials is to give effect to that mandate. However, unfortunately far too many bureaucrats seem to think their role is to dictate policy from their ivory towers regardless of what the public thinks.

“The fact that Wellington mandarins are leaking information just ten days into this new Government in an effort to undermine democratic decision-making shows how brazen many officials are in their belief in their own moral superiority.

“When it is discovered who is trying to subvert democracy, there can be no question that heads must roll. Ministers seeking to institute major reform will have a tough battle ahead of them against the blob, and Brooke van Velden should be commended for leading the charge.”


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