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CCC Won’t Reveal Whether it’s Covering Up Failures at Ratepayers’ Expense – NZTU

Christchurch Chief Executive Dawn Baxendale is leaving her role without working a contractual 6-month notice period. This follows a period of poor performance marked by rock-bottom resident satisfaction and high staff turnover. A UK Government-ordered report shows that Baxendale’s tenure at Birmingham City Council was marked by similar council performance issues.

Commenting on Dawn Baxendale’s hasty departure, Taxpayers’ Union Policy Adviser, James Ross, said:

“If Dawn Baxendale has been pushed out the door, then ratepayers have a right to know. Given the history of performance issues at Baxendale’s former employer, serious questions would need to be asked about Christchurch City Council’s poor judgement or lack of due diligence.

“In 2019, CCC refused to reveal until pressured by the ombudsman how much they had paid in recruitment fees to bring Baxendale on board, and now 4 years later are refusing to reveal the circumstances of her departure.

“Christchurch City Council’s culture of secrecy has once again reared its ugly head. If Baxendale received a golden goodbye then ratepayers deserve to know how the council has once again wasted their hard-earned money.”


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