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Condemnation of Te Pati Maori’s call to support South Africa’s case against Israel – Indigenous Coalition for Israel

Dr Sheree Trotter, co-founder of Indigenous Coalition for Israel, rejects Te Pāti Māori’s call for the New Zealand Government to support South Africa’s case against Israel, as misguided and harmful.

South Africa’s accusations are baseless and an example of moral inversion, in which the real victims of a genocidal attack are accused of perpetrating genocide. By supporting Hamas, South Africa itself is in violation of the anti-genocide convention.

While Debbie Ngarewa-Packer accuses Israel of targeted atrocities, international military and legal experts affirm that “Israel’s precautions and restraint in self-defence has been unparalleled”.

This abuse of international legal institutions should worry every champion of justice and the rule of law. It sends a message to Hamas and fellow genocidal Islamist fundamentalists that that they may commit real war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity while their victims are put on trial.

Natasha Hausdorff, barrister based in London

Te Pāti Māori continues to propagate Hamas propaganda and make false accusations against Israel which stoke the fires of antisemitism here in Aoteoroa.

ICFI calls on the government to support Israel in its fight against the radical islamist group Hamas that seeks the annihilation of Israel and continues to harm and endanger the lives of Palestinians. It is only with the defeat of Hamas that the lives of Palestinians will improve.

136 hostages are still held by Hamas, including some with serious injuries and health conditions receiving no medical care, women who have been sexually violated, and babies. ICFI urges the government to do more to seek the release of hostages and to demand that the International Red Cross fulfills its humanitarian obligations by visiting hostages.

ICFI also call on the NZ government to stand against the alarming rise of antisemitism in this country.


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