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Councils Living Beyond Their Means Need to Stop Punishing the Ratepayer – NZTU

Commenting on news that Hutt City Council rates could jump by as much as 19.9%, Taxpayers’ Union Policy Adviser, James Ross, said:

“When councils present the choice of either massive rates rises or swingeing cuts to frontline services, they are presenting a false dichotomy. Over the last decade, council spending across the country on comms staff, middle-managers and consultants has blown out beyond all reason.

“With at last count 107 FTE staff on over $100,000, clearly there is plenty of fat that can be trimmed at Hutt City Council. Rather than stripping almost 20% more money from cash-strapped ratepayers year on year, the council needs to take a hard look at whether these high-earners are providing enough bang for buck.”


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