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Deployment of NZDF stunning hypocrisy and dangerous alignment – Peace Action Wellington

“The decision to deploy six NZDF to be part of a US-led combat mission in the Red Sea is astonishing hypocrisy. The claim that this deployment is about ‘defending lives’ and ‘de-escalating tensions’ is absurd while 25,000 Palestinian civilians lay dead in the ruins of Gaza bombed to death by US missiles provided to the Israel state,” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace Action Wellington.

“Chris Luxon, Judith Collins and Winston Peters should be ashamed that they prioritise shipping containers over the lives of innocent people. After 100 days of Israel’s murderous rampage, the new NZ government has been moved to act: they’re sending troops to stop anyone trying to stop the genocide.”

“The double standards of this government in relation to Gaza are breathtaking, and people can see all of it. They can see that claims about supporting international law and “peace and security” are blatantly hollow. The NZ government – and all the rest of those now set on this mission against Ansar Allah (the “Houthis”) has done nothing – absolutely nothing – to stop Israel’s continual violation of international law, its total savagery against Palestinians, its ongoing occupation, and its export of dangerous weapons technology.”

“The NZDF deployment is also a dangerous alignment for New Zealand. We need to understand that this deployment is entering into a war, the extent or outcome of which is unknown. After 20 years of NZDF deployments in Afghanistan, Ministers should be far more circumspect about sending troops to support US-led military adventures.”

“It is Israel, funded and supported by the US that is engaged in a genocide that is destabilising the region – and the world. The NZ government is engaged in propaganda campaign to convince us that it is acting justly. No one believes that. We can see for ourselves the bodies of thousands of dead babies and children compliments of the US and Israel.”

“If the NZ government is concerned about peace and justice, there are a number of clear steps available including supporting South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, expelling the Israeli ambassador, instituting a boycott of Israeli goods, and welcoming all Palestinian refugees.”

“This situation isn’t complex or hard. It is modern colonisation and imperialism.”


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