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Government digs NZ deeper into supporting US/Israeli genocide in Gaza – PSNA

PSNA has written to the government condemning the decision to send New Zealand defence force personnel to support US-led attacks on Yemen.

Yemeni groups have attacked Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea as an attempt to stop Israel’s ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

Prime Minister Chrisopher Luxon justifies joining the war saying “Houthi attacks against commercial and naval shipping are illegal, unacceptable and profoundly destabilising”.

The justification given by PM Luxon is shamelessly hypocritical.

Luxon should be condemning Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza as “illegal, unacceptable and profoundly destabilising” and yet Mr Luxon refuses to utter a single word of criticism on Israel despite the death toll of over 25,000 Palestinians – including over 10,000 children.

Foreign Minister Winston Peters saying the deployment should not be linked to recent developments in Israel and the Gaza strip is simply laughable.

Instead of calling for an immediate, permanent ceasefire the government is pouring fuel on the fire and digging New Zealand deeper into the Israel/US-created cauldron in the Middle East.

It is another shameful day to be a New Zealander.


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