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Government MPs and leaders put themselves in the protest spotlight re Gaza – PSNA

Government leaders and MPs are now under the protest spotlight after three months of political indifference to the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

“The government is shamelessly taking the US/Israel side as apologists for genocide in Gaza” says John Minto, National Chair of Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa.

“We are now turning our focus onto the collaborators with genocide and government leaders and MPs have put themselves in the spotlight”

Last Thursday/Friday PSNA supporters in Christchurch organised three protests against the Prime Minister and National Party caucus who were meeting in Christchurch.

This included a protest at the National Party Caucus dinner here and here where embarrassed National MPs had to “walk a gauntlet” to get on their buses back to their hotel.

We are putting out the call to supporters around the country to let us know when they become aware of government leaders or MPs in their areas.


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