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‘Govt asking the foxes to guard the hen house’ – Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the approach of Government Ministers asking public sector CEOs to find just 6.5% of savings and is telling Ministers to do what they promised: go through their departments’ spending with a fine tooth comb and ensure value for money.

“The Government is asking the foxes to guard the hen house,” said Taxpayers’ Union spokesman, Jordan Williams.

“In many cases, the Government is tasking the very same CEOs who increased staff numbers by more than 50% under the last government to now find savings.

“This 6.5% across the board reduction is pathetic. Ministers were elected to go through spending and ensure value for money.

“It is also politically dangerous. CEOs will find savings in politically painful areas like frontline services to justify no further cuts. In reality, Minister’s should be taking to Wellington’s back offices with an axe. Relying on CEOs to achieve an arbitrary target is lazy and dumb.”


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