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Greens launch petition to save oil and gas ban – James Shaw

The Green Party has launched a petition to save the ban on oil and gas exploration.

“The new Government’s plan to expand oil and gas exploration is as dangerous as it is unscientific. We need to come together to stop them,” says Co-leader of the Green Party, James Shaw.

“If anyone needed a basic rule of thumb for dealing with the climate crisis, it would be this: stop burning fossil fuels.

“Burning fossil fuels drives the temperature of the planet ever higher, which increases the frequency and severity of the storms, floods, fires and droughts which are causing so much damage to our homes and communities.

“Whatever you think about the new government, there is simply no mandate to trash the climate. Poll after poll shows that New Zealanders want more climate action, not less.

“Even if the government and big oil win this time, we all know that fossil fuels are not our future. The Green Party will re-introduce a ban on new sources of fossil fuels as soon as we are back in government.

“Re-starting oil and gas exploration makes no sense. The idea that New Zealand’s wind and solar need gas to underpin energy security is a myth being spread by the fossil fuel industry itself.

“Even if there is a viable find, production is unlikely to begin within the next three years of this government’s term, or even in the term after that. The International Energy Agency says global demand will be falling by 2030, so this also makes no sense as an export earner.

“Five years ago, backed by a massive people-powered campaign, our Government banned fossil fuel companies from drilling for oil and gas in New Zealand’s ocean. Today we ask everyone to stand with us to tell this government that the oil and gas ban has to stay.

“Investors and businesses need stability and predictability in climate policy. We all know fossil fuels are not our future. New Zealand’s focus should be on phasing out fossil fuels and getting to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. That’s where the smart money is,” says James Shaw.

Click here to sign the petition.


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