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Luxon should pay back Te Reo tuition fees – Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to pay back the cost of his Te Reo tuition fees following revelations that he has been getting his lessons paid for by the taxpayer.

Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“Prime Minister Luxon has clearly been caught out saying one thing but doing another. He should do the right thing and pay the money back.

“Taking taxpayer money for Te Reo lessons while criticising public servants for doing the same undermines the credibility of the Government who proclaims to be focused on reducing wasteful spending. The culture of respect for taxpayers’ money must be set from the top.

“If a proficiency in Te Reo is necessary, of course tuition should be funded by the taxpayer but there is no real justification as to why Mr Luxon should have taxpayer funded Te Reo that would not also apply to public servants. If Mr Luxon wants to learn Te Reo, he should do so from his own pocket.”


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