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‘McKerrow’s $50k pay rise an embarrassment to Wellington ratepayers’

According to Wellington City Council’s 2022/23 annual report, Barbara McKerrow received a $46,216 pay rise from 2021/22 to 2022/23. Her total renumeration now sits at $513,970.

Responding to this revelation, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“At a time when Wellington City Council’s financials are in disarray, and with ratepayers set to face a 15-20% rate hike next year, the Council should be using every cost-saving measure possible to get Wellington back on track. Instead, we’re seeing one of the worst performing chief executives in the public sector rewarded for her unequivocal failings.

“Not only has McKerrow overseen almost every budget blowout under the sun, but she has repeatedly withheld critical financial information from elected councillors in what seems like an attempt to manipulate key decisions and advance her own interests. Her disgraceful behaviour over the past year should have seen her sacked, not gifted a massive pay boost.

“Wellington City Council’s appalling lack of leadership has burdened Wellington residents for far too long. Officials at the top end are clearly more concerned with furthering their own agenda than they are with serving Wellington, and it’s costing ratepayers more and more each year. It’s high time that councillors reclaim their authority, sack Barbara McKerrow, and replace her with someone who actually understands the role of a council official.”


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