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Ours Not Mines ready if government wants to pick a fight on mining

Anti-mining group Ours Not Mines is appalled by Resource Minister, Shane Jones’ comments about mining on DoC and stewardship land.

Ours Not Mines Co-founder Morgan Donoghue says that the group will not take such naked anti-environmentalism lying down.

“Shane Jones loves to sound clever and threw out a Henry II quote, comparing the work being done by the Ministry for the Environment as akin to the “meddlesome Thomas Beckett” and will be stopped. Aside from getting the quote wrong, maybe Minister Jones will understand if we too misquote someone famous.

“If the Government thinks they can ignore the Crown Minerals Act and fast-track mine consents, and start ripping open our pristine land, then we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we will fight them in the courts, and we shall never let them get away with it.

“There is no shortage of gold in the world. Instead of making destructive new mines, we should be using services like Mint in New Zealand, that recycle existing gold.

“Minister Jones loves to think that these mining projects will provide a lot of jobs. Those engineering jobs he’s dreaming of would be better served focusing on Aotearoa’s infrastructure deficit, they should be doing something that actually helps the country, not destroys it.

“We know we’re not the only group who is appalled by the statements coming from the Government. The last Labour-led Government promised a ban on any new mines on conservation land and never delivered, so we’re doing it ourselves.

“New Zealand’s royalty rates are so small that the financial return we get in exchange for environmental destruction is just not worth it. We call on Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, to walk back his Resource Minister’s comments and recommit to keeping New Zealand’s pristine parts free from mining.”


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