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Police and Te Whatu Ora need to be put back in their lane – NZTU

The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming today’s news that the Police and Te Whatu Ora Health NZ allocated a $60,000 legal war chest to fight a Wellington pub owner – all for the sake of a bar having to close an hour earlier.

“CBD crime is growing, our health system is a shambles, yet these zealots within the bureaucracy see fit to play morality police and try to scapegoat responsible hospitality operators,” says Connor Molloy, the Taxpayers’ Union lifestyle economics spokesman.

“This is bullying of a small business, pure and simple. And it’s not like it is a one off. For years, the Police – the Wellington Police in particular – have ignored the constitutional convention that the Police are there to enforce the law, not lobby. The Police use their considerable power and resources to browbeat the Council and District Licensing Committee.

“Given this outrageous example, we will be seeking a meeting with both the Police and Te Whatu Ora leadership to urge them to pull their head in, ensure taxpayer money is going to core services, and officials are staying in their lane.”


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