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Police Anti-Stick Squad caught Restore Passenger Rail supporter postering

Restore Passenger Rail supporters were not sitting on the roads this week but the police anti-stick squad is still out doing their duty. Last night they arrested a Restore Passenger Rail supporter while he was putting up posters in Wellington.

“Nobody is stuck to the road this week.” Said Restore Passenger Rail supporter Rosemary Penwarden “Perhaps the police were missing us. Home made poster paste is quite sticky so maybe that was enough to alert the anti-stick police squad into action.”

Police allege Peter Wham was breaching bail conditions by postering and he spent last night in police custody. He was arrested on 14 September for his part in spraying washable poster paint on a luxury car show room.

Restore Passenger Rail supporters say they will not stop alerting New Zealanders to the climate catastrophe.

“Our new National/Act government might be more interested in fixing potholes, but today, people of Vanuatu are assessing the devastation from cyclone Lola, their third cyclone this year.

“This week, the 2023 State of the Climate report, which measures how the planet is faring based on 35 vital signs, says earth’s climate is entering “uncharted territory“.

“Come on, New Zealand police. This is a bad look. Your duty is to protect the public from harm, not stop peaceful people from sticking posters in public spaces with homemade glue. Come on, officer, get a grip.”


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