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Profound hypocrisy from NZ on Houthi strikes – Peace Action Wellington

“The New Zealand government’s statement of support for military strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen by invoking international law is profoundly hypocritical,” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace Action Wellington.

“Claims by Foreign Minister Winston Peters that these attacks ‘strike at the heart of NZ’s national security’ ignores that global security is being threatened by Israel’s genocide of 23,000 Palestinian civilians that prompted the Houthi action.”

“Israel has had an air, land and sea blockade of Gaza since 2007 in complete contravention of international law. This illegal blockade resulted in the arrest of Member of Parliament Marama Davidson by Israeli forces while she was in international waters. Was there any outrage by the previous National government then or anytime since of this illegal military blockade? Were there US missiles fired at the Israel Defence Force for its actions? Of course not.”

“At the very centre of the issue is the Israeli occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. It is Israel that is responsible for the situation yet we have heard no condemnation from the New Zealand government for their ongoing, repeated violations of international law.”

“International law is only important when it is useful to powerful interests. When the lives of Palestinians are at stake, international law is ignored. The results of this are the massacre of thousands of children and babies. It is disgusting.”

“Just this week, the New Zealand government had the opportunity to explicitly support international law by backing the International Court of Justice case taken by South Africa against Israel. It failed to do so, and continues to line up instead with the old Five Eyes allies in joint statement on the Houthis.”

“It shows that this government has no ethics when it comes to international affairs. It is just pure power politics, and their claims to upholding international law are frankly obscene in the current context.”


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