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Red traffic lights – just what NZ politicians need – Sir Ray Avery

The human species have unique characteristics when it comes to dealing with angst and conflict.

One example I call “The red traffic light syndrome.”

This is when one agitated vehicle driver toots another driver for a traffic infringement and may even give them a modified Churchillian victory sign or mouth offensive words as they travel along the highway.

Then they both come to a red traffic light ,parallel parked they both look straight ahead and don’t look at each other as if nothing has happened.

What I have learnt with respect to conflict negotiations is that people are quite happy to abuse someone via a third party ,or via social media, or via E mail but when you put them in a room with their peers, they are not so personally confrontational.

Dame Anne Salmond a University of Auckland Academic published an article in Stuff Media with the Title ” A Bloody Stupid Idea”

To be honest it was an academic thesis which I had difficulty understanding but what I think she was trying to say is the minor parties which she claims the majority of New Zealanders did not vote for are wagging the National Party dog’s tail.

As a questioning scientist I got me thinking about how Politics may work to the detriment of the health and wellbeing of our people.

On an ordinary day most, political parties are being paid to shout abuse at each other across the parliamentary benches and the MSM articulate and inflame these polarised political views.

Just a point of order Dame Salmond the reality is that “in total” the majority of New Zealanders voted for the policies that NZ first, Act and the National Party were campaigning on.

They rejected a Labour Government and a Prime minister who created two classes of people “the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated ” and breached human rights and had a socialist manifesto “The Government is the single source of truth.”

Now of course like any negotiation between three parties it’s going to take a moment to get a consensus but I think we may have reached a game changing paradigm in NZ politics where for the first time in NZ history three political parties are in the same room trying to work out what’s best for all New Zealanders rather than throwing rocks at each other in parliament of via politically motivated articles in MSM.

So, if my understanding of social science is correct the “Three Amigos” who hold the fate of NZ in their hands will be respectful of each other and just maybe make more progress than a diaspora of political ,parties trying to gain political points in the public domain instead of working together to make NZ the best country to live in and the best county in the world to raise children.

Sir Ray

Sir Ray Avery GNZM


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