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Restore Passenger Rail spray-paint 2 Auckland luxury car yards

This morning a Restore Passenger Rail supporter spray-painted the windows of two Auckland luxury car yards at 100 and 119 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

“Their luxuries are our floods. Their greed is killing us” said Restore Passenger Rail spokesperson Joseph J Fullerton. “And this new government is encouraging it.”

“Those buying these obscenely expensive cars, up to $600,000 a shot, are getting richer while their excesses fuel more floods, cyclones and droughts. Meanwhile food banks are getting busier than ever in the lead up to Christmas. Climate breakdown and inequality are connected. They’re the two evil twins, made worse by the greed symbolised in these luxury cars.”

The climate-based Restore Passenger Rail campaign began in October last year when supporters repeatedly blocked traffic in Wellington over 2022 and 2023. The campaign is calling for the restoration of an affordable nationwide passenger rail network and free urban public transport.

“We are calling on all New Zealanders who care about the climate crisis to join Restore Passenger Rail. Together we have the power to build a better, fairer New Zealand.”


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